Breakthrough 4K Video, delivering
technology for the next generation of iTV.

Grow your audience and maximize your reach with high quality video—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Save bandwidth and deliver high quality Internet video worldwide less expensively.

Deliver a superior viewing experience with higher quality picture, decreased interruptions and the ability to store more content on all of your favorite devices.

Powering the Next Generation of TV

eyeIO is solving today’s biggest challenges in online streaming video.  Now THX Certified for Digital Cinema HD Video , eyeIO is an important part of Netflix’s video technology.

eyeIO combines breakthrough digital techniques, an understanding of IP video transmission, and a novel artificial intelligence-based system that preserves picture color, detail at exceptionally low bandwidths.

With eyeIO, every viewer receives clear, crisp, high quality video delivered at ultra-low bandwidth to any standard H.264 device.

No special player, plug-ins, or add-on are required.

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