What is eyeIO?

Existing video-over-IP technology cannot support growing consumer demand for streaming video content anytime, anywhere, on any device over the current infrastructure. But eyeIO makes this possible.

A technology start-up based in Palo Alto, Calif., the company has developed and deployed breakthrough video encoding software to provide higher quality video while requiring less bandwidth. eyeIO’s high-speed, advanced video processing enables over-the-top delivery of premium HD video at ultra-low bandwidth and reaches any device over standard H.264.

What eyeIO means to the world

eyeIO is accelerating the path to the next generation of TV. By removing the barriers and constraints caused by poor infrastructure, low Internet speeds, or network congestion, eyeIO is able to deliver high quality video over IP, meeting consumer demands for a television-like experience on any device, everywhere.


eyeIO is working with various content providers, studios and network operators to bring beautiful, HD-quality Internet video to consumers across the globe.

Netflix was one of the first customers to deploy the eyeIO technology. eyeIO has been instrumental in helping Netflix expand its worldwide addressable market and reduce bandwidth consumption by 20-50% for millions of its existing customers.

Where does the eyeIO name come from?

Eye, represents the human organ by which we all perceive color, motion and of course, video. Eye is coupled with the computing concept Input/Output, which is the communication between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the outside world.

How does it work?

eyeIO compresses video at unprecedented levels without sacrificing quality. For instance, with eyeIO’s technology, streaming high definition (1080p) uses less than 3 Mbps. This represents a 20-60% reduction in bandwidth required with no degradation in video quality.

Is eye IO a replacement for Adaptive Bit Rate?

Adaptive bit rate streaming requires many versions of a single video to be able to accommodate bandwidth fluctuations. eyeIO helps to dramatically reduce the number of necessary video versions.

Is a special client-side player or software needed to decode eyeIO encoded video?

No special player is needed. No client-side decoder. No tricks—just beautiful video on any H.264 compliant device.

Which platforms are supported by the eyeIO encoder?

Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Does eyeIO work on SmartTVs, SmartPhones, Tablets and PCs?

Yes, eyeIO is an H.264 standard compliant based technology. Any device supporting this standard is fully capable of playing eyeIO video.

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