How it Works

The eyeIO workflow

Hi-Res Mezzanine Formats

eyeIO locates where the source, mezzanine or master files are stored – in the cloud or in a data center.

Media Inspector

Working seamlessly with the master workflow manager, eyeIO’s file inspector verifies the key characteristics of the file – video format, critical metadata, and identifies any exceptions like a standard definition file trying to pass itself off as a high definition version.

eyeIO Encoder

Running on Windows, Mac, or Linux locally or in the cloud, eyeIO preserves much of the original file’s quality while transforming it into much smaller Internet streaming files capable of playing on any standard smartphone, tablet, or connected TV.

Profile Manager

Matching business need with technology, eyeIO provides options for encoding resolution, screen size and network speeds.

Container Process

eyeIO allows files to be quickly translated into the varying formats of different viewing devices including adaptive bit rate solutions.


eyeIO software is transparent to DRM, encryptions and watermarking solutions.

CDN and Delivery

eyeIO quickly delivers HD or SD videos to any device, wherever consumers are.

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