Your customers demand the best experience—eyeIO helps you deliver it.

Consumers expect video to be delivered seamlessly at HD quality every time they click play—and if they don’t get it, they’re gone. Unfortunately, existing video-over-IP technology is failing to meet the growing consumer demand for television-like viewing experiences. eyeIO changes the game, bringing high quality video to everyone, everywhere.

eyeIO makes every experience a high quality experience—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our sophisticated technology makes delivering video easier and significantly less expensive.

Talk to eyeIO today and we can show you how to:

  • Reduce the number of versions needed for HTTP adaptive video delivery
  • Deliver HD quality video at top speeds to increase customer engagement and drive monetization
  • Multiply your audience and maximize your reach with high quality video available worldwide on every connected device
  • Liberate precious bandwidth and decoding power that can then be used for multiple audio languages, subtitles, metadata, watermarking and more sophisticated DRMs and encryptions

eyeIO’s solution increases revenue opportunities and maximizes viewer engagement for every viewer, in any format, and on any device.

Talk to eyeIO today and discover how:

  • You can deliver high quality video less expensively and more effectively
  • Our technology allows you to process even the most challenging content without ever sacrificing quality
  • Our business firewall allows you to scale your streaming business securely
  • eyeIO software delivers unparalleled HD video worldwide, regardless of bandwidth or infrastructure constraints

eyeIO delivers an outstanding viewing experience every time. We deliver HD quality video without long waits, buffering or restarts. Just how good is our video? Ask the millions of Netflix instant subscribers who access their content over our platform every day.

Talk to eyeIO today and discover how:

  • To deliver a superior viewing experience with higher quality, the ability to store more content, fewer interruptions, faster click-and-play, many more hours of video for a given bandwidth cap, and multiple simultaneous video streams
  • Our technology allows iPhones and other smartphones to store over 150 high-quality movies and extends device battery life while requiring less computing power to play video
  • You can get HD quality video anywhere with a broadband connection, even to locations where HDTV isn’t available
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