Visionary Video Delivery

Raising the bar: unprecedented video compression, unparalleled video quality.
eyeIO delivers HD Pro quality video to millions of H.264 connected devices that works with all CDNs without any special software downloads or plug-ins. Amazingly, we can do this with bandwidth savings of up to 50% compared to other encoders.

See it and you’ll believe it.

Through a unique application of how the eye perceives color, detail and motion, eyeIO has gone beyond traditional video compression to develop a breakthrough software capable of delivering brilliant video over any network to any device—all at unheard of bandwidths.

eyeIO’s artificial-intelligence-based software system
  • Runs locally or in the cloud
  • Produces fully H.264 compliant video
  • Delivers the best quality picture at the lowest bitrate and playback latency
  • Provides additional benefits for already encoded H.264 material
  • Scales from mobile to full 3D, 1080p and UltraHD
  • Integrates quickly and easily into existing encoding operations and workflows
  • Transparent to DRM, encryptions and watermarking solutions
  • Delivers video more efficiently under provider data caps while maximizing storage capacity on consumer devices
eyeIO software gives you the ability to expand into global markets.

Real Results. Real Impact.

Noplug-ins, no add-ons, just vibrant video.

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